mardi 25 novembre 2008

2008 Bead Journal Project -sept-

A really slow start mostly due to procrastination but my first page is at last done : 4"x 4" format. I used Lacy's stiff stuff under the fabric and the design was drawn on tissue paper.
Beaucoup d'hésitations mais ma première page est enfin brodée... J'ai choisi comme format des carrés de 10 cm de côté. J'ai mis du "Lacy's stiff stuff" sous le tissu et utilisé du papier de soie pour le dessin.

8 commentaires:

Marty S a dit…

A nice start! Do not be intimidated. Most of us are here to learn from each other.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

a2susan a dit…

You're off to a great start! While it's easy to be intimidated (and overwhelmed) I've learned that each person has their own style and that's what makes you unique. Let your own way of beading develop and you'll be fine.

Robin a dit…

Letters and numbers are difficult to do... yours look great! So now you're off to a great start! Try to let go of intimidation, because it will always block your creative process. Just think of this as a way to practice and increase your skills. Reading the posts at the end of last year's BJP, it was clear that almost all of us noticed progress and improvements from the start of the year to the end... and that was VERY satisfying.

Cheers, Robin A.

heidibeads a dit…

What a great start! Robin's right letters and numbers are difficult and yours look great. Keep going - don't be intimidated, we all started someplace. This is a great place to practice and learn and ask for help if you need it. Everyone is friendly and very helpful. Looking forward to seeing October!

Brenda a dit…

When I first started last year, I had no clue what I was doing. But as I read other blogs I would learn about different techniques. This will make a great cover for your journal.

Also, thank you for the Wikipedia link about your island. I for one did not know where it was located.

Sabine a dit…

That's a nice title page to what you will be doing over the year, Paule. I do not think it is a big issue when a piece is finished. And please don't be shy,there is so much individual work going on, you just do your thing and be proud of it.

Much fun,

Jacquie a dit…

Looks really great!! Don't be intimidated...everyone just does their own thing and learns from one another. Just have fun!

Hélène H a dit…

Bravo, Paule. Le premier pas est le plus dur !