lundi 8 décembre 2008

Pieced backings

Lately, I pieced two backings :

one for this quilt (pattern from "Les Nouvelles du patchwork", French quilting guild magazine )

Sudoku quilt
Sudoku quilt backing

Those tops are both 1m20-30 wide. I was about to order some wide backing when I realised It would be a better idea to use fabric remnants from Patchwork Studio BOM and also to just let some fabric go...

Récemment, j'ai piécé des doublures. Avec des tops, mesurant 1m20-30, je devais commander du tissu en grande largeur mais j'ai saisi l'opportunité d'utiliser les restes de tissus du BOM de Patchwork Studio ainsi que quelques coupons de mon stock....

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